The history of AFSS

On 21 October 1961, the founding meeting was held at ANU, Canberra. Attendees at the meeting were Hillary Jolly, John Lake, Jim Wharton, Ian Bayly, Edgar Riek, Alan Weatherly and Bill Williams.

To celebrate 50 years in 2011, Past Presidents and early Members were asked to contribute their memories of the ASL. Click here  to view the compilation.

At the 2011 Congress in Brisbane, Andrew Boulton gave the 50th Birthday Speech – Click here to view his power point presentation.

AFSS (formerly ASL) thanks all its Past Presidents for their commitment and contribution to the society:

Dr Alisha Steward 2021-

Dr Michael Reid 2019-2020

Prof Ross Thompson 2017-2018

Prof Fran Sheldon 2015-2016

A/Prof Belinda Robson 2013-2014

Dr Darren Ryder 2011-2012

Dr Darren Baldwin 2009-2010

Prof Stuart Bunn 2007-2008

Dr Sabine Schreiber 2005-2006

Prof Andrew Boulton 2003-2004

Dr Jane Chambers 2002-2003

A/Prof Pierre Horwitz 2000-2001

Prof Max Finlayson 1998-1999

Prof Paul Boon 1996-1997

Dr Margaret Brock 1994-1995

A/Prof Leon Barmuta 1992-1993

Prof Stuart Bunn 1990-1991

Dr Rod Oliver 1989

Prof Jenny Davis 1988

Dr Terry Hilman 1987

Dr Ian Campbell 1985-1986

Dr John Kirk 1984

Prof Barry Hart 1983

Dr David Mitchell 1982

Frank Burns 1981

Prof Sam Lake 1980

Dr Peter Tyler 1979

Dr Ian Bayly 1978

Don Buckmaster 1977

Dr David Pollard 1976

Dr Keith Walker 1975

Joan Powling 1974

Dr D.F. McMichael 1973

Prof Bill Williams 1972

Dr Don Francois 1971

Dr Ian Hiscock 1970

D.D. Lynch 1969

Dr Hilary Jolly 1967-1968

Ron Strahan 1966

Dr Alan Weatherley 1965

John Lake 1963-1964

Dr A. Nicholls 1962